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Canada and New England. Every season along the Eastern seaboard will lift up your spirits- a special time, a special place- all in one vacation.

Europe. Experience the natural beauty and different culture.

Bermuda. If you have long shorts and a sense of adventure than you are packed for this trip!!! You don't need a whole lot to have fun because it is all here.

South America. Steamy rain forests, sizzling beaches and 24/7 night clubs is South America. You will never experience a dull moment because there is always something for everyone.

Caribbean and Bahamas. Do it all or nothing! And either way you will come out relaxed and renewed. So what are you still waiting for? Take an unforgettable tropical vacation like none other.

Hawaii. Are you good at hula? You will after vacation like this - and that is not all!! It is one of the gotta-try-it-at-least-once-in-my-lifetime-adventure.

United States. Explore memorable shows, casinos and dining in Las Vegas, Montana and Wyoming, Disney World in Orlando, Golden sand Miami beaches, Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs , fishing and hiking in the southland of Alaska, skiing in Utah, canoeing and kayaking in Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and much, much more!!!